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19-Oct-12 North American Police Equestrain Championchips

Four mounted posse members represented Minnesota at the North American Police Equestrian Championships (NAPEC), held in Gaithersburg, Maryland on September 28-30th. June Hilgers and Jean Fredlund of the Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, along with Jim Rose and Sue Barrick of the Meeker County Sheriff's Mounted Posse and their horses received training from instructors from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, U.S. Park Police, and others, in equitation, large animal rescue, crowd control, biomechanics, and obstacles.

The competition took place over the next two days, with 96+ participants from 27 agencies from the United States and Canada. Minnesota riders received many honors.

Carver County Sheriff's Mounted Posse brought home 4 awards: June Hilgers and her Paint mare "Oreo" won the First Place traveling trophy for Auxillary Obstacle Course, placed 7th in Western Equitation, and 7th in Combined Equitation/Obstacles overall. Jean Fredlund and her Foxtrotter gelding "Sinclair" took 4th place in the Uniform Inspection class.

Sue Barrick and her Quarter Horse gelding "Twister" from the Meeker County Sheriff's Mounted Posse placed First in the Combined Equitation/Obstacles overall, 2nd in Auxillary Obstacles, 3rd in Auxillary Expert Equitation, and 9th in Uniform Inspection. Jim Rose and his Quarter Horse gelding "Sonny", also from the Meeker County Sheriff's Posse, placed 3rd in Auxillary Obstacle Course and 5th in the Combined Equitation/Obstacles overall.

Next year's North American Police Equestrian Championships will take place in Richmond, Virginia.

06-Jun-11 PURCHASE Mounted patrol saddle bags

Kaiser Manufacturing, Inc is offering Saddlebags for the mounted patrol units. Dakota County has had them made back in 2006. They love them.  Brown 1000d Cordura. Patches and name tags can be sewn on these bags as well. (they also come in 5 other colors) Sorry no photos! ALLOW 2 or 3 weeks for delivery!

Please contact Jim Kaiser if your unit is interested in ordering some. (612)759-0282 or; Website:

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**Information acquired by Emily Boote (Carver County) ***

06-May-10 Make Your Own Mohair Cinch