Mounted Police Article - Good Read!
Why Your City Can And Should Have Mounted Police

Carver County Mounted Posse
Dodge County Mounted Posse
Goodhue Mounted Posse
Steele County Mounted Posse
Wadena County Mounted Posse
Waseca County Mounted Posse
Washington County Mounted Posse
Winona County Mounted Posse
Wright County Mounted Posse
Minnesota Sheriffs Association
Hennepin County
McLeod County
Scott County
Search, Rescue, and Recovery Resources of MN
Minnesota Horse Counsel
MN Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters

What is SRRRMN?

SRRRMN is not an operational source of emergency field-resources -- it is simply a source of information about a wide variety of established organizations that exist to provide search, rescue and recovery services.  The purpose of SRRRMN is to provide a means for those organizations to collaborate on training, emergency preparation, planning and communications with units of government.

SRRRMN Mission

Bring together various groups and individuals that serve Minnesota in search, rescue, and recovery activities to pursue common goals.