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How to ride a horse ?

About a hundred years ago, thoroughbred horses were replaced by carriages. They cannot be caressed; they will be subject to any owner and do not risk life for their owner.

Equestrian sports

For many people, working days have become a routine and there is no time left for daily horse care, even if this dream has been kept since childhood. Equestrian sports are also not suitable, as serious activities require a lot of time, so you will have to give up something familiar. Therefore, the most interesting thing for a person who wants to sit in the saddle is an equestrian club that combines tourist and amateur destinations in its program.

There are clubs for children

There is a club for pony fans. It is located in a place where it is most convenient to go to the fields and forests. Basically, we don't play sports. Of course, among our instructors, there are many experienced athletes, among our clients, there are professionals, but the main focus for us is on field riding and tourism. The club brings together people who practiced equestrian sports.

How to ride a horse?

Riding is a fun and healthy activity. But managing such a large and imposing animal is not an easy task. Before climbing on the horse's back, it is necessary to study the basics of riding. In particular, how to ride a horse, stay in the saddle and control the animal.

For sports, you will need comfortable equipment. Tight fitting pants with hidden seams inside the thigh to argue the movements. High boots and preferably with a small square heel and a flat sole. A helmet, gloves to avoid rubbing your hands on the reins. The horse is also equipped with its saddle and the rest of the costumes that go with it. Especially in this winter period, it is necessary to install cold protection with earphones and other devices.

Classes start with the growth of the horse. The rider must inspire through trust with the animal.