April 7th- State Mounted Posse Convention. Hosted by Washington County. Agenda and details can be found at the Printer Friendly link called 51st Annual Posse Convention. PDF form to download and share.

  • Dedicated to protect and serve. The MSMPA was incorporated in 1967. MSMPA is a non-profit organization comprised of County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Units throughout the state.These Units include volunteers or reserves who have been authorized to assist the County Sheriff in whatever duties deemed appropriate. This may include patrol duties at local events, search and rescue assistance, public relations, appearances at parades, and other projects where the presence of mounted officers is beneficial.The MSMPA promotes a high level of civic responsibility by offering scholarships to the youth of our membership and graduates of the Sheriffs Youth Programs. Units of the MSMPA hold countless fundraisers for youth, scholarships and area charities. They are true leaders in community involvement.


  • Training. The public sees us during patrol duties and at parades, but don't see the countless hours spent in training. Training may include CPR, Basic First Aid, Blood born Pathogens, Use of Force and many other sessions designed to help us be effective representatives of the County Sheriffs Department. Formats, course descriptions and training ideas are all available to the MSMPA Units.


  • Horses. Training and experience are important for our equine partners as well. Many Units plan Sensory Training Excerises or attend sessions provided throughout the state. These exercises introduce the horse to the unfamiliar obstacles and challenges that are part of the "Posse Experience". Being able to stand firm in the noise and commotion of a crowd or carefully moving one step sideways to avoid a baby stroller is vital. Our horses have to do it all.

 The  MSMPA is available to assist anywhere in Minnesota. However, the County Sheriff must request this cooperation either by a direct call to the Sheriff of each posse involved.



Counties included in the MSMPA:  Wright County, Dodge County, Winona County, Waseca County,  Nicollette County, Carver County, Steele County,  Washington County, Goodhue County, LeSueur County, Sherburn County, Sibley County, Hennepin County, McLeod County, Scott County and Polk County.